Your Non-Average European American who is infatuated with languages,music,photography,& the concept of love

I've developed a love for languages at an early age.I feel like by learning languages you get to connect with more people.The concept of it is just breathtaking.Throughout the years,I've been focusing on improving my knowledge of languages,and so far I think I've made some progress.Right now I am fluent in English,Spanish,Portuguese,and Catalan.I can read in French,and understand Galician perfectly.I also know some Italian,and some phrases in Mandarin Chinese,Japanese,Finnish,Swedish,German,Polish,Ukrainian,Russian,and Romanian.

My love for photography began when I was about 14 years old.I went to my parents' country for the very first time.The country was filled with pocturesque cities and nature.I took as many pictures as I could before I went home.As for music,I feel like I have a deep connection with it.I've had many hardships in my life,and whenever I'd listen to music,I would feel like I'm in my own little planet(which is far from reality hahaha).Music also helped me overcome those hardships in my life,and I just cannot thank it enough.

This site is currently under construction,so please don't judge.Thank you.Please come again.

Top 6 Most Spoken Languages in the World

1. Mandarin Chinese 1,197,000,000
2. Spanish 414,000,000
3. English 335,000,000
4. Hindi 260,000,000
5. Arabic 237,000,000
6. Portuguese 203,000,000